Grapevine Mid Mod


Whole Home Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Bathroom Remodel




After purchasing a mid century modern home in the heart of Grapevine, our clients needed help navigating through a large-scale renovation and addition that would meet all their storage needs. They were moving from a home with a much larger layout to this smaller, but forever, home.

Not only was this home decades older, but it was a petite and came with an usual layout; it did not have a garage or primary suite with a spacious bathroom or closet. They needed better spaces for entertaining and hosting friends & family than it could presently offer. Our client enjoys cooking and needed a larger kitchen with full-size appliances and pantry, which the original home did not provide.

To make things more challenging, there were not many 90º corners in the home. In fact, the floorplan is quite literally – two hexagons fused together. Tying together the roofline of a new garage and expanding the kitchen along these angled walls proved quite the feat.



We redlined their architectural drawings and found ways to maximize the space a bit better. Our goal was to design a long term, forever home layout that was energy efficient – with some serious style to showcase their collected art and family photos.

We completely gutted the home, added proper insulation, ran all new plumbing, electrical and HVAC, built a garage addition, installed several new windows including the entire back wall of the dining and living room, reworked the kitchen, laid an addition for a new pantry, and designed our first “boomerang shaped” kitchen island to pull all the angles together.

A long wall extended from the entry to the master bedroom, resulting in a lack of personality and needed some texture to showcase their artsy style. We came up with the idea to create a secret closet door: installing a slat wall that perfectly aligned with the closet door. We wanted to protect and preserve the character of such a unique home.

In order to build the garage, we had to remove a beloved oak tree in the front yard. By working with Urban Timber Harvest, the UTH team milled the tree and built our clients a gorgeous, tulip dining table with oval oak top and bookshelves.

The Grapevine Mid Mod is a project that we are truly proud of. With such trusting and fun clients, we were able to partner with them to display their personality with unique light fixtures, an electric orange front door, and preserve a piece of Grapevine’s MCM history for decades more to come.