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Kitchen Remodel

Bathroom Remodel



Lake homes can be the perfect weekend getaway; they should be that special place where it’s easy to enjoy family and friends. Our client had the perfect lot and view, but found their home lacking from some essentials like not having enough bathrooms, poor lighting, dark paint colors, dated countertops, walls in awkward places that shortchanged furniture layouts, and a kitchen with poor layout for entertaining.

Though their original request was for cosmetic changes like updating countertops and paint colors, we noted that by just refreshing these areas— our team would not be addressing the main pain points our client had with their home.

Lake homes are notorious for posing all sorts of construction oddities. In this particular house, a column was awkwardly placed in the main hallway (blocking the kitchen from the living room). There was also a constricting wall that made the space feel smaller and blocked an incredible lake view.

In the kitchen, the dishwasher opened directly into the stovetop (making it impossible to cook and open the dishwasher door at the same time). In the living room, poorly placed exterior doors made for a cramped furniture arrangement and poor accessibility to the second floor. Behind the walls, oddly placed HVAC ducts made cooling all 5 bedrooms in summer heat a challenge.

Since this home had the potential to comfortably sleep 18 people, but only two full bathrooms at the time, we knew something had to change.



By addressing the framing issue that required an awkward column and wing wall, our team
was able to extend the kitchen into a much larger layout. Now, clean ceiling lines led from the kitchen to a more connected entryway, hallway, breakfast, and living room. New custom cabinet towers provided more storage space and a rearranged appliance layout made it not only make beautiful, but functional too!

In the living room, the sliding door to the deck was relocated to the breakfast nook, making it easier for people to get outside and provided more wall space for a better furniture arrangement. The dated pink brick was refaced with a stone stack veneer fireplace. Guests now had enough bathrooms (with showers) by turning the downstairs powder bath into a full bath, and by absorbing an oversized bedroom closet and splitting one bathroom into two (complete with beautifully tiled showers). A once cramped master bath turned into a luxurious spa escape complete with marble tile, a shower bench, dual shower heads and a hand sprayer.

More than updating old paint and countertops, the new layout allows for better functionality and connectedness. By removing unnecessary obstructions, creating more seating, bathrooms, and by refreshing the house with new finishes and lights, the house is now ready for the perfect lakeside retreat.